podcast coaching

for busy women with a mission.

Kick the overwhelm, frustration, and stress to the curb so you can focus on creating an impactful podcast. 

pulling your hair out trying to start or grow your podcast and nothing seems to work? 

How? With something and someone I wish I had when I was creating my podcast:  a podcast coach. A podcast coach is someone who guides you in the podcasting process, and answers all your questions. Someone who cheers you on, and is by your side each step of the way. Someone who simplifies the process for you, and gives you step-by-step instructions to follow. No more googling, watching useless videos, or hitting your head against the wall. I've helped dozens of women create, grow, and monetize their podcast. And I can help you too! 

It's time for a change 

who is this for?

that you want to start a podcast but that you are overwhelmed and weighed down by the podcasting process?

do you find...

confused about what next steps to take to grow your podcast and audience? 

are you...

to monetize your podcast but aren't sure where or how to start? 

do you want...

3 Ways to get Coached by Alana: 

The PodcastHER Community is a community for female podcasters. Receive monthly group coaching from Alana along with Guest Expert Trainings, Hot Seat Session & More! 

Join the Podcasther 

Ready to finally start that podcast but need a little help? No problem! With Alana's podcast course, The Podcasting Party Podcast Course, you'll get all the information you need to start your podcast including the tutorial for the hard stuff like editing and submitting to directories. 


Don't see what you're looking for Alana offers one-on-one coaching customized for your needs/desires and podcasting goals. 


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tell me more!

tell me more!

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— Mary Carver, host The Couch with Mary Carver

From the moment I told Alana my idea for a show, she has held my hand and had my back. Every step of the way, she's guided me through the technical parts of podcasting, the marketing side, and everything in between. I consider her my coach, my friend, and my secret podcasting weapon all rolled into one.

— Michelle Diercks, Peace in His Presence 

"I love working with Alana. She has all my favorite qualities in a coach: caring, compassionate, and always in your corner. Alana asks great questions to help you discover your true potential. "

— Rebecca Bender, host of Hood to Holy

"Alana takes the overwhelming feeling out of podcasting and makes it approachable and doable for anyone who wants to start their own." 

5 stars all around


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