Hey there!

I'm alana. 

 I'm on a mission to put the fun back into podcasting! 

I went from a podcast Host to a podcast coach...

But that accident led me to my dream job: helping writers, speakers & coaches  create, grow, & launch their podcast

When I decided to start a podcast in 2017  and began researching “how to start a podcast” I quickly became overwhelmed and stressed out. I almost quit podcasting before I even began my show. True story. 

But thankfully, something in me told me to keep pushing through, and I did. It took me six months but I finally set up and launched my first podcast. I made a promise that I would help anyone I could so they never had to experience the same frustration I did. 

Imagine my surprise, and delight, when shortly after I launched my podcast, other women began to ask me for help to start their podcasts. It was not only natural that I helped them but a complete joy. What began as helping a few women, quickly turned into dozens, and my podcast coaching business was born.

As I worked with more and more women, both paid and in my free groups, I began to notice a trend: podcasting had become a chore for many of these women. They were tired, burnt-out, and ready to quit. 

I believe that each one of us has a story to tell, and a message to share in order to impact the world. Podcasting is one way to tell your story, and share your message. The world needs you. 

But I also believe podcasting shouldn't be a drag. It should be joyful, happy, and yes, even FUN! 

So that's why I'm on a mission to help women create, grow, and monetize their podcast and have fun while doing it! 

When I'm not editing, & recording podcasts, or coaching clients you can find me snuggled up reading a good book, hanging out with my family, or baking sweet treats with my girls.

What I’m known for:

Believing that podcasting can be both FUN & IMPACTFUL and showing others how they can do it too.

My simplified, step-by-step podcasting process & tried and true methods for creating a podcast in 30 days.

Hosting a five-star rated
weekly podcast for
potential & beginner podcasters. 

Helping others realize their dream of creating, growing, and MONETIZING an impactful podcast.

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I am a military spouse. My family and I have lived in eight different states (two of them twice) over the past 17 years. My favorite duty station was hands-down Hawaii. I mean what's not to love? 


My hubby is the reason I’m a podcast coach. He encouraged me to start my business and I am forever grateful he saw something in me I didn't. Thanks, Babe! 


I worked as a barista in college, I blame that for making a coffee snob. I like my coffee hot, strong, with a generous amount of cream. Don't give me any of that sugary stuff. 

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