Perfectionism and Podcasting with Andrea Fortenberry

September 13, 2021

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Then today’s episode is for you. I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend, Andrea Fortenberry. Andrea and I discuss how she overcame her perfectionistic tendencies to start her podcast, how she keeps perfectionism at bay while creating and producing her podcast, and how her release schedule has helped her. I loved our conversation so much and following my last  episode on podfade, I think this will be just the encouragement you need to push past perfectionism and start (or get back to) podcasting!

Pronounced,  AWN-DRAY-UH, Andrea Fortenberry is a writer, speaker, and Bible teacher. She is the host of The Perfectionist’s Guide to Mothering, a podcast that equips moms to find freedom from perfectionism and show up for the life God has for them. 

She is on the staff of MOPS International as an Executive Leadership Coach, where she encourages and supports coordinators across the country. 

You can connect with her at andreafortenberry.com or on Instagram @andreafortenberry.



  • Listen in to hear how Andrea overcame some of the obstacles and fears of launching a podcast
  • Learn how Andrea keeps her perfectionism at bay while she’s creating and producing her podcast 
  • Discover how Andrea chose an intentional release schedule for her podcast and help it helps her 





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