3 Ways to Fall in Love with Podcasting Again

February 9, 2021

Has the flame gone out of podcasting?

For some of you, 2020 was the year that allowed you the time and space you needed  to start your podcast, which is amazing.

And then for others of you, I would guess for most of you, 2020 was the year that made it nearly impossible to continue to podcast for you. You had kids home, and spouses home, loved ones home, and it’s hard to keep up a podcasting routine when your regular routine is thrown out the window.

Or maybe it wasn’t 2020 at all but the newness of podcasting has worn off and the daily grind has set in and those butterflies you once had for podcasting is no longer there.

Whatever the reasons I talk to podcasters everyday who are ready to breakup with podcasting.

Since February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner,  I wanted to get back to basics and discuss the 3 ways to fall back in love with podcasting again. I promise today’s episode is value back and is just what you need to get your podcasting relationship back on track!






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