Ratings & Reviews: Your Questions Answered

November 9, 2020

I bet you’ve heard it before, you’re listening to a podcast, it’s winding down and the host says, “Thanks for joining me today. Make sure you go leave a rating and review and subscribe to the show. Help us get the show out in front of more people.”

How many times has that statement actually led you, as a listener, to go leave a rating and review? I’m going to guess, never. And that’s true of most listeners.

So, how do we as podcast hosts get listeners to leave us ratings and reviews? Are they even helpful? Do we need podcast ratings and reviews? What is the best way to get them? Do they actually help get your show in front of more people?

I took some listener questions all about this topic and I am answering them on this episode. Plus, I give you a quick tip on how to effectively get ratings and reviews from your listeners. Spoiler alert, it’s probably a lot simpler than you think!

Let’s get to it!



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