One Thing You Need to Master for a Successful Podcast

September 21, 2020

If you are feeling like your podcast just won’t grow no matter what you do then today’s podcast episode: One Thing You Need to Master for a Successful Podcast is for you.

There are no magic wands in podcasting. I wish there were, I wish I could sell them and send them to you in the mail. And you could wave your wand and boom you’d have a successful podcast but,  after helping hundreds of podcasters create and scale successful podcasts, I have found that there is one thing that you will have to master if you want that successful podcast.

What is that one thing? Are you ready?… It’s consistency. It’s not flashy or fun, but it’s true. Today I’m breaking down the three different areas that you need to be consistent in and why they are important! Ready to master consistency so you can achieve a successful podcast? Let’s go!



…and how to fix it!

If you are a current podcaster and you are wanting to grow your show, or if you’re a potential podcaster and you know that when you get started, you want to be able to grow your show, I want to invite you to my upcoming Masterclass that I’m putting on Sunday, September 27th, 8:00pm EST.

I’m  giving away all my secrets, including the top three things hat I see podcasters doing incorrectly in order to grow their show. And I’m not just going to tell you what I see them doing wrong. I’m going to tell you exactly why your podcast isn’t growing. And how to fix it.

So come and join me there. You can sign up here! 

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