What Stage PodcastHER are you?

September 14, 2020

I have been waiting and working on this content to share with you and I finally get to share it with you in today’s episode!  We are talking all about the five different podcasting stages.

Now this is not like something that is standard across the board for that all podcasters understand.This is something that I’ve created to help you, my listeners understand where you are at in the podcasting process. In the past I’ve broke this down as like potential beginner, intermediate, and seasoned podcasters. But the problem with those terms or with the using those names for different stages, is that well, number one, they’re not very fun, right?

Nobody wants to raise their hand and say, “Hey, I’m, I’m a beginner podcast.” Right? I mean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a beginner podcast – we all have to start somewhere. But I think sometimes we’re hesitant to own up to the fact that we are beginners or not further along than we are.

So I’ve come up with five different stages with really fun names. And I’m going to explain each one to you in today’s episode.

If you’re unsure what stage you are, I have a super fun quiz that you can take!  If you’re wondering I don’t know which stage I’m in, then you can go take this to find out which stage of PodcastHER you are!

The whole purpose of knowing where you’re at, allows you to know what you should be working on, and where you should be spending your time. Relieving all the pressure to feel like you need to do it all at once. Which, doesn’t help anyone. So let’s do this!

Listen in to see what stage of PodcastHer you are!



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