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How to Make Time to Podcast

August 10, 2020

Lately I’ve received dozens of messages from women, just like you, asking “how do I make time to podcast?” Many of you are working from home, helping your kids learn from home, and your margin for time seems to be getting increasingly smaller. On today’s episode I’m answering your questions: How do you make time to do this? How do we fit it in? How do we balance it all? I’m going to walk you through what this has looked like in my life. As well as some tips and tricks I have.

My goal, my hope, is by the end of this episode, you are feeling confident, in how to not just plan out the time it takes, but maybe to eliminate and delegate some of the things in your life to make room for your podcasting. Okay. So let’s jump in to this episode all about how to make time to podcast.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to set 3-5 Priorities
  • Ruthlessly Eliminate what doesn’t align with those priorities
  • Delegate anything you can’t eliminate
  • How to utilize crack time vs chunk time
  • How to create a workflow

I hope that this episode in encouraging to you that all though we can’t do everything and do it well we can do the things, including podcasting, we were called to do with confidence.



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