3 Things to do Before You Monetize Your Podcast

July 20, 2020

In episode 16, I gave you 6 simple ways to monetize your podcast. It’s been one of the most popular episodes of the podcasting party and most downloaded BUT what if you’re not ready to monetize? What if you haven’t launched your podcast yet or aren’t quite sure how you want to monetize your podcast? That is exactly what we are talking about in today’s episode. I’m going to give you 3 things to do before you monetize your podcast.

  1. Use Calls-to-Action or CTAs in each podcast episode. CTAs are so important because they set expectations for your listeners. (story we’ve all been there favorite podcast)
  2. Build an email list. You’ll own your list, so when algorithms can you won’t have to worry about losing your listeners
  3. Survey your audience. I do this twice a year. Surveying your audience will allow you to learn more about your Ideal Listener, which in turn is going to help you down the road when you monetize- sponsors will want to know more about your demographic

Monetization Mini-Training

Wanting to monetize your podcast but aren’t sure where to start, what to charge, and how to go about finding sponsors? Look no further than this mini-training where I will show you:

  • cover what monetization strategy is right for your show
  • how to know what to charge for ads/sponsorship
  • what is a media kit: why you need one & exactly what to include in it

To find out more about the mini-training head here:



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