How to DIY Your Podcast Branding with Liza Hippler

July 13, 2020

Hey, hey, hey party people! I am thrilled to introduce you to my guest today, Liza Hippler. We are continuing our summer series diving deep in how to promote your podcast on social media. Today is all about How to DIY your Podcast Branding.

Liza is a strategic brand photographer and educator who teaches personal brands how to DIY their own photos right on their phones, and how to find & choose their own brand colors and fonts. She also helps brands get rockstar-level confidence in their photos by offering custom-tailored brand photography (that doesn’t look like anyone else’s). She’s highly visual and obsessed with all things branding, and runs a facebook group called Create Your Badass Brand where she goes live weekly talking about all kinds of branding, biz and mindset things. Her style is to come at everything with healthy doses of honesty, grace & humor, along with a teaching style of, “It’s easier than you think!”Liza Hippler| DIY Podcast Branding

Liza has a brand new training that ya’ll must go get RIGHT NOW. Seriously, pause this episode and go get: 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand! You can thank me later.

Now that your back, I can tell you about today’s show. Liza basically gives us a mini training in this episode. It’s so good! She tell us how to:

  • Create a cohesive brand for our podcast
  • How to take photos at home that represent our brand/podcast
  • How even your six-year can take a great photo for you (um, yes!)
  • Why you need to ditch that pretty flower pic on your IG bio
  • And the ONE thing to implement today to upgrade your feed





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