What is the Difference between Podcast Show Notes, Blog Posts, & Transcriptions

July 6, 2020

On today’s episode we are going to dive into the topic of podcast show notes, blog posts, and transcriptions. Which one should you be using? Which one is right for your show? And what the heck is the difference between all three of them?

I get this question a lot, and when I first started podcasting, I didn’t know which one I should be using. I started out as a blogger so naturally I started writing longer form blog posts. Which just wasn’t sustainable. That’s why in this episode I’m going to explain: how these three types of written content work, and how to know which one is best to utilize for your show.

Show Notes are usually used to referenced the written content of a podcast episode. For example, when I tell you to: “head over to the show notes to get the link to join my free podcasting Facebook Group.”  However, for our purposes today I am going to distinguish between show notes, as shorter written content. And a blog post as long written content. Blog posts can be show notes, such as this set of particular show notes  that you are reading right now. However, last week’s show notes are not a blog post, but simply show notes. Confused? Stick with me, I promise it will make sense.

Show notes are housed on a blog page on your website. A blog allows you to create posts (show notes) and post them on that website page often called a blog. (If you’re looking on how to create a Podcast Page or Blog on your website check out Elizabeth McCravy’s gorgeous podcast template.)*


Show Notes

Show Notes are a shorter, often bulleted overview of a podcast episode that include links and resources mentioned in that episode for listeners to reference. I use show notes for all my guest interviews. These are great if you’re just starting out as you can use your episode script or outline to simply, and quickly reference the important information you’re listener will need and want. I do recommend creating and using a template each time.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are great for SEO (search engine optimization) and are usually longer in written form than shown notes. Typically 300-500 words in length, blog posts are contain written content about the podcast episode and topic covered in the episode. I use blog posts for my solo episodes like this where I tend to do more teaching.

And then there are transcriptions.


Transcriptions are also great for SEO, a transcription is the written word for word transcript of the podcast episode. You can use a service like Temi, Rev, or Descript to transcribe your audio for you. Though often very long, I don’t recommend posting the entirety of the transcript on your show note page but instead upload them to a page or post and link to the transcription in your show notes.

Regardless of whether your show notes are shorter form or longer form (blog post) make sure you use a few sentences to draw listeners (readers) in and grab their attention so they want to continue to listen (or read) the episode. There is really no right or wrong to which one you use.



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