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No One Will Notice if I Stop Podcasting & Other Lies Podcasters Believe with Jenn Collins

June 1, 2020


Have you ever wondered if anyone would notice if you stopped podcasting then today’s episode is for you, my friend. Because today on the podcast I am chatting with my IRL friend, subscription box owner, and podcast host  Jenn Collins. I asked Jenn to come on the show and talk a little bit about some of the struggles she faced this past spring with her podcast, Mama Needs Podcast.Jenn Collins The Podcasting Party


In this episode we talk about how Jenn:

  • believed no one would notice if she stopped podcasting
  • made a pivot in her podcast
  • how she surveyed her audience to find out what was serving them
  • how she overcame the lie that no one would even noticed if she quit her podcast
  • the one question that helped her gain clarity surrounding her podcast

And so much more. This episode will encourage you no matter where you’re at in your podcasting journey but particularly if you feel stuck, stagnant and aren’t sure if the work you’re doing even matters. (It does!)


Jenn Collins QuoteJenn Collins is the owner and Chief Self-Care Officer of the Mama Needs Subscription Box and host of The Mama Needs Podcast. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and Mama to 3 amazing kids ages 11, 8 and 5! She’s on a mission to help Mamas understand the need for self-care and give them the tools and inspiration to prioritize it. 

She started the subscription box and podcast as a mission to help Mamas practice self-care out of her own journey she’s been on as a Mama. The box is monthly done-for-you self-care that arrives at your door filled with the tools and encouragement to make time for you.






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