Steal My Podcast Workflow

May 25, 2020


Today I’m sharing with you my podcast workflow so you can take the parts that make sense to you, leave the rest but I hope that this episodes inspires you to create your own workflow system.

Steal my Podcast Workflow

The previous two weeks on the podcast we’ve dove head first into planning our summer content. From those episodes I’ve received a huge amount of responses from many of you who want to know more about how I batch work and what my podcast workflow looks like. 

In this episode I’m breaking my workflow process down. I’ll cover:

  • Content Mapping
  • How I choose topics and themes
  • How I find Guests to come on my show
  • What a typical batch recording/editing day looks like
  • How I create 3 months worth of content in just two weeks
  • A few of the tools I use to help me






Consider this your invitation to join The Podcasting Party Community Group on FB. I share podcasting Tips every Tuesday. It’s a great place to collaborate with other podcasters and learn more about creating, growing, and monetizing your podcast.

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