Part 1: Plan Your Summer Podcast Content

May 11, 2020

Today we are kicking off our two-part series all about planning your summer content, and today is Part 1: Plan Your Summer Podcast Content.

This time a year podcasters are wondering what do I do with my podcast over the summer. Especially now, when many podcasters have already take a break because of what’s happening in our world. So many are asking: “Do I take a break, should I take  a break, will I lose listeners? 

Over the next two weeks we are going to dive deep into some solutions. From rereleasing episodes, to repurposing content, we are covering it all. 

So get your pen and paper ready, put an umbrella in your drink, and turn up the volume because we are going to plan your summer podcast content.

To Take a Break or Not to Take a Break, That is the Question


I have tried a variety of things over the past three summers to find a solution that worked for my shows. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take a break over the summer months. In fact, I applaud you for wanting to do so. Whether you have kids at home, travel plans or just want to catch your breath, taking a podcast break can be a fantastic way to recharge and avoid podfade. 

But there can be quite a bit a fear surrounding that decision and rightfully so. You’ve worked hard to grow your show much of podcasting is all about consistency of continuing to publish, & promote your episode. 

Obviously, the first way to take a break from your podcast is to do just that stop producing episodes all together. While this is an option, and for some it is the best option, I just want to warn you that it can be detrimental to your show. And to you. A break of a week or two  will have a minimal affect on your show but anything past that is really going to hurt your momentum and numbers.

If taking a break is right for you I will go over some best practices and ways to keep listener in engage while you’re gone. 

But there are other options when it comes to producing content and still releasing episodes.

In part 1 of this two part series I want to discuss the different ways you can take a podcast break without losing a ton of your momentum. Next week in part two I want to discuss HOW you can implement each of these things. I will give you the step by step instructions.

Take a Break & Still Release Episodes, Tell Me More

There are many ways that you can take a break but still release episodes:

  1. Rerelease episodes
  2. Repurpose content and episodes
  3. Change up your format
  4. Batchwork/ Work ahead and release new eps over the summer

Rereleasing Episode

Honestly, this is one of my favorite ways to keep releasing content over the summer (or any time you want a break for that matter, think Holidays, etc) without creating new content and recording new episodes. We did this last summer on The Mom Wants More Podcast, and while it does take a some time and effort on the front end it’s minuscule compared to creating new content.

Repurpose Content from Previous Episodes

You probably have listened to dozens of podcast episodes that have repurposed content and haven’t even know it. Repurposed content episodes are those that take similar content from several different episodes and repurpose it into a new single episodes. This is great if you ask a questions to all your questions or have several episodes on the same topic. You can also take a portion of a an episodes and go deeper in the content. For example: I could devote one whole episodes to talking about releasing episodes or batchwork down the road using this episode as a jumping off point. 

Other ideas: have old blog posts that aren’t podcast eps yet? Record it into a podcast episode. Get a bunch of questions from listeners record a Q+A Episode. Have a bunch of old bloopers, do a blooper episode for fun.

Repurposing content does take some additional editing work. And I’ll go more in depth on how to do that next week but for now think about the content you currently have and how you could repurpose that. 


Change Up Your Format

This one I absolutely love. And it works perfectly for summer. Normally I advise podcasters to pick a format and stick to it, meaning solo eps, guests, and length of time. You want to condition listeners to know what to expect. However, I think summer is the perfect time to try something new. A few ways you could try this:

  • shorten your episodes
  • try guest interviews or solo eps
  • do some Q+A sessions
  • Behind the scenes episodes
  • if your have weekly show go to bi-weekly or monthly 
  • book club series

The possibilities are unless. Just make sure whatever you pick is still within your niche. I’ll speak more about this next week. 


Batch Work/Work Ahead

The last suggestion I want to make is for you to continue on with episodes. I know what you’re thinking: Alana, I thought you were giving us ideas so we could take a break, yep. I am. Stick with me. 

I want you to meet my little friend, batch work. If you don’t know what that is, it is simply working on like items together at one time. (You can listen in on more about batch work here and here .)

I know this may seem a bit overwhelming but once you get going in it I promise it will change the way you produce your podcast. 

Let’s say you plan to take June, July, August off. And let’s say for simplicity sake you are going to release an episode every other week thought those 13 weeks. That is 6 episodes for you to produce. 

You write, record, and edit those 6 episodes prior to taking your break in June.

I am going to show you exactly how to batch all of you summer content in one week with ZERO editing. did you just pee your pants? I hope so.  Because this is EXCITING!

I’ll go into all the details next week but for now I’ll  give you a quick run down:

  • DAY ONE: Outline/Script your 6 episodes (for guest interview you’ll need to reach out to guest prior to this). 
  • DAY TWO: RECORD 3 episodes
  • DAY THREE: Record 3 more episodes
  • DAY FOUR: Using Descript upload your MP3s and cut any ums, uhs. etc.
  • DAY FIVE: Create bullets show notes 
  • DAY SIX: create your a graphic or audio gram for each show
  • DAY SEVEN: Upload to your hosting company and schedule your episodes (note, depending on your level of hosting you may have to wait on this.) 

Summer content DONE! 


Let’s Review

To recap a few of the ways to take a break over the summer and still produce episodes:

  1. Rerelease episodes
  2. Repurpose content and episodes
  3. Change up your format 
  4. Batch work/ work ahead and release new eps over the summer

I hope this episode has got your brain spinning for what’s possible this summer. You can have your cake and eat it too. You can take a break and keep producing your podcast too! 

Make sure you tune in next week as I walk you through exactly HOW to each of these things. 


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