Why NOW is a Great Time to Start Your Podcast

April 27, 2020


If you read the title of today’s episode and thought really, Alana? We’re in the middle of a crisis here. I get ya. But yes, Now IS a great time to start a podcast pandemic and all. I promise I’m not being insensitive or taking advantage of the situation. 

There are many of you out there that have been thinking about starting a podcast. And some of you who have a podcast that have taken a break or stopped producing episodes, and today I’m hoping to empower  you to start that podcast or restart your podcast because I believe and I hope you will too after this episode that now, yes now, is a great time to start a podcast. 

Your message matters.

The world needs your message, your audience needs your message. Whatever message that may be. Three weeks ago I opened up free strategy calls, no strings attached just 20 minutes of hopping on a Zoom call with me to ask questions and hash out podcast ideas, strategy and direction. I met with potential and current podcasters of the course of two days. And all of them had podcast topics that mattered. Many of them that are needed right now today! Don’t discounted the message and story you have to tell friend.

People are craving connection.

Never before has the human race and our nation in particular needed connection with others more than today. Heck even introverts wish they could go to a party right now.We can only schedule so many zoom or facetime calls, and watch so much Tiger King but podcasts allow us to connect anytime,  at any place. Why shouldn’t it be your voice they hear, you they are connecting with?  I won’t lie to you, podcast numbers overall are down right now, but that shouldn’t discourage you because most podcast numbers have stayed the same or only dipped slightly. Listeners aren’t spending as much time in the car commuting. And many, myself included, have kiddos at home and can only manage a limited amount of time to pop in earrbuds. Which means we are still listening but just aren’t listening in the quantity we were before. But we are still listening!


Do you know the number one objection to podcasting I hear from potential (& current) podcasters, even before money? it’s time. They don’t think they have the time to podcast. And for many of us that is true. Like anything in life it takes intention. But look at what we’ve been give right now, a mandatory stop, pairing down, white-space. What a gift! You do have the time. You just have to find it and make podcasting a priority. If it’s not a priority than maybe it’s not the right time. And that’s okay. But man I hope it is! (Listen to How to Get Creative and Keep Podcasting with Loved Ones at Home.)

Guests are available.

Just like you have more time on your hands- so do potential guests. They are stuck at home too! What a perfect opportunity to reach out and schedule that guest interview. 

Resources to Help Get you Started

If you’re ready to start podcasting if this episode has fired you up (and I hope it has) then I have some resources to help you. 

The Ultimate Podcast Guide- Take your podcast idea from possibility to podcast in six simple steps.

The Podcasting Party Podcast Course– Now OPEN for enrollment, this course will help you create your podcast in 30 days or less without the stress, frustration, or overwhelm. 

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take your podcast idea from possibility to podcast in 6 simple steps