How to Create an Introduction Episode

February 24, 2020

The Introduction episode, or often called trailer, or teaser episode, is the first episode you’ll need in order to submit your episode to Apple in order to be approved. 

The introduction episode isn’t a typical episode. This episode tends to be shorter, and include a few elements. And that’s what we’re are going to talk about today.

Keep this episode to under 10 minutes. I suggest anywhere from 4-7 minutes. 

FOUR basic components to make up the introduction episode

  1. Who the podcast is for
  2. What the podcast is about
  3. What your listener can expect 
  4. Why YOU are qualified to speak to them about it

Who the Podcast is for: 

This is the section that you’ll want to attract your Ideal Listener and repel others. Make sure you speak to their pain points and frustrations. This is a great time to remember that if your podcast is for everyone, it’s for no one. If you’ve narrowed your niche then use your niche statement here. “This podcast is for women, who are stressed out, overwhelmed and frustrated with the podcasting process. This podcast will help them put the fun back into podcasting so they can get back to impacting lives.” 

What the Podcast is about:

This is where you can tell your listeners the themes, topics you will cover on the podcast.

What they can expect from it:

Make sure  you include: the format, will you have guest interviews, solo episodes, or a combination of both? The length, how long each episode will be?

Why you are qualified to speak to them about this particular topic/subject: 

This is the opportunity to share a bit about yourself. Keep it short and sweet don’t begin with “I was born and raised…” unless that’s relevant to your show. Instead, this is the place to list your expertise, experience, training, and accolades. If your a writer who has a book on the subject, say so. If you’re a life coach who has ten years experience tell them.

This episode is like the inside cover in a book jacket, it’s there to describe your show so listeners can determine whether they want to keep listening or not.

Let’s get technical.

Remember earlier when I said, the Introduction Episode is a placeholder so you can submit your show’s RSS to Apple and other directories? Well, in order for you to submit your show to Apple you’ll need three things: a hosting account, cover Art (that meet the required dimensions), and an introduction episode. 

Once you create a hosting account. (I use and recommend Libsyn. You can get a month free by using the code “DAWSON”.)* You’ll need to upload your cover art and fill out your show information including your show categories. 

When you’ve finished that you will create your introduction episode. You can include a intro and outro with music in this episode or hold off and include that in your first episode it’s up to you. 

After you’ve recorded your introduction episode, edited it, you’ll upload it into your hosting account. From there you’ll log into Apple Itunes Connect and submit your RSS feed into the account. At this point you can also submit to other podcast directories. 

Once you’re approved by Apple you can then upload other episodes and launch your podcast. 

I recommend launching with your introduction episode and at least two others. 

*This link in an affiliate link. I get a small amount of compensation if you sign up and use this code.

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