Sunny Gault

February 18, 2020

Today’s episode is a little longer than usual but once you get listening you’ll know why. Today’s guest is Sunny Gault. Mom of four, and the founder of Parent On Demand Network, as well as, the Independent Podcast Network. Sunny has been in the podcasting industry longer than most of us have known about podcasting, and guys, at one time she was producing FIVE podcasts. FIVE!

In this episode, Sunny shares some of her backstory that led her to podcasting, some of the shifts she had to take, and how her networks came to be.

We also talk about about rereleasing podcast episodes. If you’ve ever wondered how to do it, why do it, or if it’s the right fit for your show- Sunny and I cover it. I think you might just be surprised by what we have to say about it.

Let’s jump in to this episode with Sunny Gault.

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