Charge What You’re Worth with Allie Casazza

February 3, 2020

My guest today needs no introduction, Allie Casazza. Allie is the host of The Purpose Show – a top-rated podcast – and the creator of online courses that have earned her international attention for her fresh, practical lifestyle strategies for moms. Known as ‘The Life Minimalist’, she encourages and inspires women to pursue abundant life by creating space for what matters most. Allie and her husband, Brian, live with their four young children in Southern California wine country.

Today on the podcast Allie and I cover a wide-range of topics including:

  • Monetization and why Allie believes you should not seek out ads and sponsorships
  • How to create explosions in your podcast
  • When to hire
  • Creating a Community around your podcast
  • And why it’s imperative you overcome perfectionism in podcasting
  • Plus in the rapid fire round you’ll get to her what mic Allie uses, her favorite podcast, and how she produces her podcast

This episode is jam-packed from beginning to end with helpful, practical advice that you can take and implement today.

Just for you

If this conversation has motivated you to monetize your podcast then I’ve got some great news! I’ve just opened a new coaching program specifically for monetizing your podcast! In this 4-week group coaching program we’ll cover:

  • Monetization Strategies and which one will work best for you and your podcast
  • How to price your podcast
  • How to pitch to companies
  • How to create a media kit

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