6 Simple Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

January 27, 2020

Today we are talking about six simple ways to monetize your podcast. Yes, MONETIZE. It is possible. And you don’t have to have huge download numbers to do it. 

If you are adding value to your listeners, and serving your audience then you deserve to be paid for your work, for the value that you are bringing. 

There are lots of ways to do this. 

I want you to listen to these six different ways and ask yourself which one gets you excited? Which one sounds fun, because podcasting should be fun! It won’t always be easy but it should be fun. So why not make monetizing your podcast fun too? 

Next, I want you to ask yourself: which of these six ways will benefit your listener? Because what is going to make you money is going to solve a problem, or meet the need of your audience. 

Okay, let’s jump in. Here are the six simple ways to monetize your podcast. 

1. Sponsorships and Ads

2. Affiliate Commissions

 3. Patreon

4. Products 

5. Services

6. Events 

My podcast coaching program is now OPEN for enrollment and I would be honored to help you create, grow, and monetize your podcast.

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