Master Your Podcast Mindset with Esther Littlefield

January 20, 2020

This episode is one of my favorites so far, as I got to sit down and talk with fellow podcaster and podcast consultant, Esther Littlefield. 

Esther is the host of The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, as well as, the founder of Morningstar Media Services, a podcast management company. 

I could have titled this podcast episode several different, but relevant titles. However, this episode really boils down to one thing: what you believe about your podcast (your mindset surrounding it) will ultimately affect how successful your show is.

In this episode Esther and I talk about: 

  • How she got started in podcasting
  • Mindset blocks and why it so important that you believe in your show
  • How to know if you’re ready to start a podcast
  • The concept of trading time for money
  • The value in hiring out parts your podcast production
  • How to effectively use your CTA (call to action) in every episode
  • And the two pieces of advice Esther gives that you can implement TODAY! 

Wherever you are at on your podcasting journey, this episode is sure to challenge you in the best of ways.

My podcast coaching program is now OPEN for enrollment and I would be honored to help you create, grow, and monetize your podcast.

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