BONUS: Courtney Elmer

October 23, 2019

Thinking about starting a podcast? Yes? Perfect, because today’s bonus episode is for you. Today I’m sitting down to chat with Courtney Elmer. 

Courtney is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Stress Expert, Courtney is dedicated to showing high-achieving women how break up with “busy” and find true success in all areas of life — no hustle or hard work required. 

After a fast-paced corporate career and overcoming cancer at the age of 25, she realized that life’s too short to waste any time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. 

Now as the creator and founder of The EffortLESS Life™,  Courtney specializes in helping busy women grow personally and professionally without the overwhelm and overwork. 

She’s known for sharing simple, actionable tools and strategies you can instantly apply to create order out of life’s chaos, find your inner peace, and transform your life while experiencing effort-less success — without the stress.

After all, “Stress LESS, Live MORE!” is Courtney’s personal motto!

Courtney lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their son AJ, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments. She enjoys traveling and giving back, especially with The Blooming Lily Foundation and its mission to empower young girls in underprivileged countries to reach their dreams. And last but not least, she can’t pass up dark chocolate and good cappuccino.

To learn more, you can connect with Courtney on Instagram @CourtneyElmer_ or on her website, CourtneyElmer.com

And Courtney is one of the very first women to take my podcasting course, The Podcasting Party Podcast Course

She is getting ready to launch her new show, so I asked her how she knew a podcast was the right fit for her business, and how the course helped her. 

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast The Podcasting Party Podcast Course will help you. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can take Courtney’s. Listen in. 

Questions about the course? I answer all your questions and more in this episode of The Podcasting Party.

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