Meghan Splawn & Stacie Billis- Didn’t I Just Feed You?!

September 16, 2019

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to find that one person that gets you, that you completely click with, and when you’re together pure magic happens.

But I’m not talking about a soulmate or even a romantic partner.

Nope, I’m talking about a podcast co-host!

Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with co-hosts, Meghan Splawn and Stacie Billis of the podcast, Didn’t I Just Feed You? A weekly podcast about feeding their families. Food editors by day and busy parents the rest of their waking hours, Meghan and Stacie bonded over a shared love of food, humor, and whiskey. And their co-hosting magic is unmistakeable. (I was a fan & listener of their podcast before I asked them to come on The Podcasting Party.)

In this episode we chat about taking ownership of your podcast, and deep dive into the how, when, and why of sponsorship. I think some of our advice may surprise you. If your goal is to monetize your podcast you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE and what Meghan and Stacie have to say. I guarantee you’ll be running over to listen and connect with Meghan and Stacie on Didn’t I Just Feed You?!

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