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Don't stress... you can build an impactful podcast and have fun doing it! I'll show you how. 

their podcast with

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Want to start, grow, or monetize your podcast but need some help doing so? I've got ya! I offer a variety of coaching programs to help you get the results you want and need! From group coaching, a podcasting course, and one-on-one, there's bound to be an option that's right for you! 

I'm all in!

Done- For-you
Podcast package

DIYs are fun to watch on HGTV but not so fun when you're in the middle of demo day by yourself holding a sledge hammer with a burst pipe in front of you. With my Done-for-You Podcasting Package I save you the time, money, and stress of doing it yourself. I set it up for you so you can focus more important things. 

I'm all in

Podcast production

Are you looking for ongoing support such as editing services or podcast production for your show? Look no further. I offer a variety of services so you can focus on the content of your show and not the production of it. 

I'm all in!

 I get that you struggle to pay for yet another month of podcast expenses out of your own personal bank account without any monetization options in sight. 

I know how you feel, my past clients have felt that same way too, they solved it when they found my easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and tried and true coaching methods for creating, growing, and YES, monetizing their podcast. 

I am here to help you take the overwhelm, stress, & frustration out of the podcasting process, and put a whole lot of FUN back in, so you can do what you were created & called to do- make an impact!

Nobody should have to wade through useless tutorials and countless blog posts in order to create and grow their podcast. Like you I was frustrated by stagnant download numbers despite my consistent promotion and very best efforts.

POdcast coach &
personal cheerleader 

Hi, I'm alana! 

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what's your favorite tv show?

Mrs. Maisel 

parks & Rec

gilmore girls

My favorite tv show is...

Gilmore girls 

Is there anything better than Stars Hollow in the Fall? 

what's your drink of choice?




My drink of choice is...

wine (red to be exact)

Unless, we're having queso! Then it's a Marg, all the way. And I love a good Hazy IPA, especially on a hot day. 

where is your dream vacay?




I dream of going to...


I love Hawaii but I really want to visit Greece. 

— JJ, host chickening in

"alana is so great at leading podcasters through the process."