Do you ever feel like life is out of whack? Like everything hits all at once?

My last few weeks have been like that… the nonstop, one thing after another, go-go-go, no time to slow down.

In the midst of it all I’ve been learning a few things about balance.

Balance at any give point may look totally different because of the day and what comes with it. I have given up fighting it or trying to force it to look a certain way. I have also given up on my expectations of what balance should look like.
Just like choosing what I’m not going to be good at, I am choosing to embrace the difference of days, and realize that balance isn’t a one size fits all or even, a one size fits me, sort of thing.

Sometimes balance looks like cup after cup of coffee, reheated, as I catapult my way into the day. Those cups are followed by a glass (or two) of wine as I slowly ease my tired feet out of my shoes and under the covers before my head hit the pillow to do it all again.

And sometimes balance looks like a green smoothie and water. A cup of green tea.

Sometimes balance looks like a quick walk around the neighborhood with the dog, and barely 5,000 steps.

And sometimes balance look more like confetti spraying after laps around the track during swim practice.

Then some days, balance looks like sitting: in my car for carpool, at my desk, back in the car again as I haul kids from here to there and then the grocery store.

Some days balance looks like a blinking cursor, words written and deleted, then rewritten.

And some days it looks like a lonely laptop sitting on my desk untouched.

Sometimes it looks like Chik-fil-a drive thru and hurry up and eat.

Other days, it’s a home cooked meal with veggies and potatoes and sitting round the table.

Some days balance looks like a quick kiss followed by a bedtime prayer and lights out.

Other nights it looks like long snuggles, songs sung off-key and giggles under the blankets, just her and me.

Balance often looks like layers of dust and cluttered surfaces. Piles of laundry and loads left for days.

Then other times balance looks like Saturday morning mopping, the radio playing loud over top of the vacuum. Showers scrubbed clean and sinks scoured after dishes have been loaded and tables tidied up.

Balance often looks like early mornings and late nights and no naps in between.

But then sometimes balance looks like lived-in living rooms and lazy mornings and nights early to bed.

What I’m learning in the busy, nonstop, pace of life that is right now is, that balance, is sometimes not balanced at all. Sometimes it’s a bit lopsided. Over-filled and perhaps overwhelmed. Like a teeter-tauter low to the ground weighted down and heavy.

And sometimes balance is the high-end, feet swinging, light-weight, easy going.
But what I’ve learned no matter the pace of my day, high end or low, is that balance is finding contentment and joy wherever I am in whatever I am doing.