Hey guys! Welcome to Episode 001 of Mom Wants More. If you haven’t already listened to the short Introduction Episode it’s a great place to start. It explains why I started Mom Wants More, the vision behind it, and what you can expect to hear.

why you need to purse Your Passion

I think many of us today, women, especially moms, feel like dreams or passions are silly and selfish. That’s why today I’m talking all about why you NEED- not why you should or should want to, or why it would be a good idea. No, why YOU NEED to pursue your passion. So let’s get going.

It goes by many names: Passion. Dream. Calling. Purpose. Giftedness. Zone of Genius.

Webster Dictionary defines passion as: : an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Whatever you may call it, it’s that thing that fires you up. That ignites something within you, that you just can’t contain.
And It looks different for each one of us.

For me it all started when my youngest began preschool. I had a few hours each week to myself. I found myself wanting something more. Feeling like something was missing. I began to pursue my passion of writing. For a few hours a week I would sit with paper and pen, yep no fancy mac book, and I would lose myself until my alarm would sound. I came out from those few hours revived and recharged. I felt more like myself. I Wondered why I had waited so long.

I bet you’ve felt the same way or maybe you’ve wanted to. But maybe you’re thinking, so what? There’s real life to tend to. kids and a spouse, and commitments and laundry and dishes in the sink. bills to pay and soccer practice to get to and a day job. Perhaps you’re thinking I don’t have the time or money to follow my big dreams.

And my response to you is this: you don’t have the time or money or any other excuse NOT to. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are an image bearer created to paint, to draw, to sing, to dance, to build, to serve, to help, to wrtie, to speak, to act, to teach, to run, to lead, you were created with this in you. And by keeping yourself from it you are keeping yourself from not only becoming more fully you but you are keeping yourself (and others) from experiencing the joy and satisfaction realized by embracing and living out your passion.

I believe that pursuing your passions is so very important for two simple reasons:

First, you were created with this unique thing already inside you. It makes you, you.
it makes you fully who you were meant to be. Whether rolling out dough in the kitchen, or paint on a canvas- each one of us has that something that makes us come alive.

Second, keeping yourself from your passion keeps it from others. Romans 12:6 What if Picasso didn’t paint, or Beethoven didn’t play. What if they both said that’s foolish. A waste of time- the world would be a lesser place because of it. And by becoming your best version you are also helping the world be better a place.

If I never would have sat down at my dining room table, pen in hand, I would have never found out how scribbling down words filled something deep with in me. I would have never understood that putting those words into the world would help others. I would have never known that part of me, and that my friends, is a shame. If you ignore your passion, if you let it fall by the way side I truly believe that you’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re hurting the world. You NEED to pursue your passion in order to be who you were made to be.

And it takes all kinds- don’t believe for a minute that just because someone else does the thing you do, that you’re not meant to do it too! There’s a Dr. Seuss quote that says, “today you are you! that is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” You bring a uniqueness to this planet that no one else has. Though there may be a million podcasters, out there, and honestly probably dozens, if not more, talking about pursing your passions and dreams but I’m the only one talking about pursuing your passion the way that I can. Because they aren’t me and I’m not them!!

I’m not telling you to quit your job and join the circus. But I am arguing in favor of taking those acrobatic lessons you’ve always wanted to take.

Please don’t go home and tell your husband you heard this podcaster tell you that in order to be most fully who you are you must use your life savings to buy a fishing boat. That’s not at all what I’m saying….But I do think a rod and reel may be in order.

Join a writing group, take acting classes, go back to school, invest in your big idea. Take that leap. Start that side gig. And it doesn’t have to be something that costs a ton or anything for that matter. I hear women all the time say…I can’t afford to pursue my passion. I don’t have the time or the money. Well, guess what honey? You don’t need money but you do need time, and if you truly want it, you can make it. A few quick ways to pursue your passion without money: read a book about your passion, or people who have gone before you, listen to a podcast about your passion, start a pinterest board, brainstorm or daydream about goals/plans you have for your passion. Watch you tube videos, join a Facebook group, volunteer to teach your passion… we could probably brainstorm a dozen more but we’ll stop there.

I bet most of you already know what that passion is. If you’ve been waiting for permission (here it is). So go do it. Let’s pursue it together.

I hoped you enjoyed Episode 001: Why you NEED to pursue your passion. I also hope it motivated you to start no matter where you’re at in this journey.

Passion Plan

This weeks action step is read about why pursing your passion is so important, you don’t have to take my word for it. Buy or check out from your local library Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. One of my very favorite books on the subject.

Take it a step further and buy or borrow a book about your passion to read the week few weeks ( or months). Although I can’t suggest books for everyone’s passion, if you’re a writer, or blogger here are my favorites.

I love to hear from my listeners, come say “hi” over on Instagram @alana_pilar.



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