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You know it well, that feeling of wanting a little more, perhaps it started for you when you were smack dab in the middle of raising babies, you found yourself daydreaming while changing diapers. Or maybe, for you, it was like me, when your kids went to school and you found yourself with a bit of free time. Or was it later in life, when your nest was empty and you had nothing but time to dream? Perhaps you have no kids, maybe you’re just starting out and you’ve realized you don’t want to be confined to the 9 to 5. But no matter when you first had that desire of more, I think all of us ask the same question when it comes to pursing our passion or dream: Where do we start!?

I’ve been there. And I have have good news. As daunting as it seems, in order to begin to pursue this passion of yours, you must do one thing and one thing only: you must simply begin. It’s that easy and that hard.

I think many of us picture what pursing our dream might look like or we see other peoples journeys and we compare our beginnings to their middles or ends.  And we wonder, how do we get there? I can’t do that? We get overwhelmed and frustrated and search for the magic formula, the magic course, the magic book…when really all we need to do is take a leap of faith and start wherever we are. This may seem simple but “Dreams are only dreams, until plans are made to make them reality.”

3 ways to Start Pursuing Your Passions Today

When I decided to start pursuing writing the first thing I did was make a decision to do it. Then I sat down and started writing. As I wrote and edited, I got more comfortable and my writing became better. I then began to research how to start a blog. Then I set up the blog, and then I began to write and post there. That was almost 6 years ago, you see I didn’t do it all at once.I took baby steps.

In episode #2, I spoke with Belinda Kelly from Happy Camper Cocktail Company and things didn’t happen overnight for her. No. It took time. She began small and grew, over time.

So today I want to dive into how to start. Besides simply beginning, I want to give you a few next steps to help you start pursuing your dreams.

Today I’m giving you 3 ways to start pursuing your passions:

The first is to begin by making a decision to start. Once, you’ve made that decision, I reccomned telling someone. Your spouse, your sister, your best friend, your mom. Whoever. I found that by telling someone, they begin to hold you accountable and can encourage you.

Once you’ve decided to begin. The second way is to: Make a plan. Decide how much time you are going to devote to this passion, is it a few hours, a month? A week? A day? How will it fit into your schedule? Where can you fit it into your schedule?

This is a vital part because if you don’t plan out the time you won’t actually do it- you’ll just end up with a brand new piano in your living room.

In my experience, I have found there is two types of time that you can devote to pursing your passion, crack time or chunk time. Crack time is little spaces of time like waiting in the carpool line, during your son’s basketball practice or while you’re waiting for an appointment. small cracks in the in between.

Chunk time is just that – large chunks of time like nap time, or after the kids go to bed. Maybe it’s early in the morning before everyone else rises or like how I begin, while the kids are at school.

You may think some passions may not lend themselves to crack time. Take painting for instance, that requires lot of set up and attention- you can’t set up your easel in the dr’s office lobby or in your car…BUT you can listen to a podcast about becoming a better painter. You could read a book about a painter, you could brainstorm things to paint, or study a particular medium of painting. So see, even though your particular passion may need more time than crack time, it allows you to be pursuing it in other ways.

Once you make your decision to begin,  and then make a plan, then the third thing is to: block those times out, guard them, even take it as far as write them down in your calendar. I’ve listened to a great many interviews from other writers, bloggers, enterperuers, successful business men and women and one of the things they have in common is that they block out their time to work. Even before it was making them money, before it was a success. They guarded that time and used it to grow their business, or their craft,…the same is true for you. (EArly on for me…had to literally write in down on the calendar. I can still remember when a girlfriend called to have lunch and I told her, I couldn’t meet up. When she asked me why I told her I was writing- people won’t value your decision to make it a priority unless you do.)

To review the three ways to get started pursuing your passion

  1. Make a decision to start.
  2. Make a plan. How many hours do you have: use both crack time and chunk time.
  3. Guard your time. Write them down and block them out.

I hope you enjoyed Episode 003: Where to start. I know it seems daunting in the beginning but little by little you will be amazed by how far just these 3 simple steps will help you.

Now for this week’s Passion Plan

Join a community with others who have the same passion. it could be a Facebook Group or a membership site. It could even be signing up for a class or class or seminar.

I am a member of Hope*writers. A group of writers that is devoted to spreading hope. It so wonderful to go to a space-even an online space with others that get me. Who have the same struggles and frustrations and questions. As well as a place to work on my craft and get help and input from others. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done as a writer and blogger. And it was a tiny investment. If you’re a writer and you’d like more info on Hope*writers go here:


But listen, You don’t have to spend a dime. There are plenty of groups out there. You’ll just have to do a bit of a search to find one.

And If you can’t find one, perhaps you could start one. Now there’s a thought! 😉

***Also, Don’t worry about being good enough or far enough along. Take one day at a time.

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