When I first began to toy with the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe last spring I was reluctant for a few reasons…

  • I didn’t think I could wear only 10 things over and over again. I worried about regretting it, or missing certain pieces of clothing.
  • It seemed like a lot of work.
  • I’m just a “normal” girl. I don’t have a background in fashion or even classify myself as super stylish.

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Do you have trouble asking for help? I sure do. I often find myself thinking, I wish someone would help me, when in reality I don’t help myself because I don’t ask. No one can read my mind (somedays I sure wish someone could) so unless I ask for it, I most likely won’t get the help I need and want. And I bet the same is true for you.


But before we talk about how to ask for help,

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Are you drowning in busy?

  • Are your counters covered in stacks of art projects, permission slips, and homework folders?
  • Is your calendar spilling over with ink from after school activities, volunteering, and the beginning of fall commitments.
  • Are your days rushed: running nonstop from here, to there, and everywhere?

The beginning of back-to-school used to leave me treading water. Just waiting for the next wave to pummel me before I could return to the surface gasping for air. 

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Every Tuesday at 9am I pick up the phone and call her.

I dial her number, one I know by heart. Her name is Roberta. But I call her Nana Bert- my grandmother.

A few years ago, after my grandpa passed away, I told her I would do a better job of keeping in contact. At that point we only talked sporadically. Usually, when she would call me.

With two young daughters,

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The end of the school year hit and I had no plans of slowing down my writing routine. But as it happens, God had other plans.

I won’t get into all the details of the whys, and whats, and how-comes. But I will say that though I didn’t want to stop creating content for the blog and sharing with you, my readers, I needed the unexpected break. To recharge, to put priority on other things.

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Do you ever feel like life is out of whack? Like everything hits all at once?

My last few weeks have been like that… the nonstop, one thing after another, go-go-go, no time to slow down.

In the midst of it all I’ve been learning a few things about balance.

Balance at any give point may look totally different because of the day and what comes with it. I have given up fighting it or trying to force it to look a certain way.

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Last week I attended a ministry conference, The Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA. While there, I was fortunate to attend a breakout session led by Jon Acuff.  This particular breakout was title, Done (and why perfection is so toxic).

Um, hello, I needed to hear this message. I took away one major point (though there were many): in order to accomplish a goal, we must choose what to bomb (his words).

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I love chatting with friends, other moms and women in all walks of life, about all things. So when a topic seems to pop up in many conversations, over and over, in a short amount of time, I take notice and I try to listen extra hard.

Today’s topic and title stems from one of those conversations that kept popping up: one on one time with kids.

I don’t often write about parenting,

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The Month of April is the Month of the Military Child. Every Monday throughout the month I’m hosting Military Monday here on the blog.

I never could have imagined anything more challenging than being a military spouse. But then I had kids and became a mom of military kids.

I chose to become a spouse, to live this life. I signed on for it, committed to it, I understood what that meant for me.

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