Today I am sharing with you my miscarriage story. Two years ago this week I found out I was pregnant with my third baby. I have written this story many times but have never shared it publicly. Today I share it for two reasons; one to bring God glory and two, to give others who have suffered pregnancy loss hope. Please be aware this is my story and I use some vivid language.

In the spring of 2015 I took a pregnancy test.

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The Month of April is the Month of the Military Child and I’m celebrating all month long with posts every Monday. These posts will feature stories about military kids, tips, and encouragement for those living the military life. I’m kicking off the first Military Monday post with 4 Ways to Thrive with Military Kids.

Military life is hard enough on adults; constant change, loved ones away. Add children in to the equation, with their own set of emotions and struggles,

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I’m walking through 40 days of meeting God first thing in the morning for 40 minutes. I’m calling it 40 for 40: forty minutes for 40 days. Today is day 29, and my fifth post this series. The others are:

A Different Way of Doing Lent

How 40 minutes a Day is Changing my Whole Day for the Better

When God Desires Our Progress and Presence More than Our Perfection

The Easy Way to Obey

During my 40 minutes I use the acronym SLOW to help guide my time.

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Today is day 22 of 40 minutes for 40 days of meeting with God. Today marks over half-way for 40 in 40. I won’t say it’s been easy, some mornings it’s all I can do to pull myself out of bed but once I sit down-with my coffee, of course-  it is  worth it. It is transforming my days. Changing my outlook, my parenting, my marriage, but most importantly my relationship with God.

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Today is the eighth day of 40 minutes for 40 days. I began last week, you can read more about it here.

There is something that happens when I sit in the Lord’s presence. A calm replaces all the anxiety that wells up inside me. The constant push to go bigger, faster, better, to get more evaporates.

Sitting in his presence, communing with him daily replaces that frantic desire to move with a desire to just be.

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“Very early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35

This year as I began to prepare for Lent, it has been heavy on my heart that I need to be more diligent/consistent/mindful when it comes to spending time in prayer.

God called me not to give something up this year, but to give of something,

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This past week, no, this past month has been one full of sickness for our family. One thing after another, if there is a bacteria, infection, or virus out there we have caught it and then we passed it to one another.

I have been disinfecting, washing, driving to the doctor, waiting in lines, and filling prescriptions. I have been cuddling, loving, reading and attempting to rest. I haven’t had time to do all the things,

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You attended IF:Gathering this past weekend.

Maybe you attended in Austin or at an IF:Local. Perhaps you watched and listened in a home, or sanctuary, or on your bed after the kids went to sleep. Maybe you came in jeans, or work clothes, or curled up in pajamas.

You joined with women from all over the world, you lifted your hands up in praise as you sang, “Holy Spirit you are welcome here.”

You listened as Ann Voskamp called for “crusiformation” and as Lysa Terkeurst challenged “never take your eyes off the Master.”

Everyone’s new best friend,

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You guys, I wrote a book! A devotional actually, it is titled She Says, He Says, more about it a bit…first I wanted to share the story behind how it came to be.

The story

It started slowly at first, my desire to write, then it grew. I didn’t have much more of a dream than to reach people, right where they were, with my words. Looking back, it seems inevitable that this is who I was created to be.

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