Today I’m chatting with, Kelly Beckley Shank. She encourages women to cultivate their passions in the midst of motherhood. Her journey from “dream job” to writer includes some very unlikely stops in Guatemala and grad school that have completely changed her family. Her blog inspires unapologetic motherhood where women are not ashamed to talk about their dreams beyond motherhood while also offering helpful tips to lessen the chaos in our homes.

How it all started

Kelly wanted to do something big with her life. She always had a feeling of more but she thought that the feeling was her career, until her first trip to Guatemala where things changed. It wasn’t the path she thought she’d go on and she didn’t see it coming.

Dories’ Promise Guatemala, Kelly decided to go on an international mission trip with her best friend. But didn’t see the bigger picture coming. That trip was the trigger. Something unlocked in her. Made her want to do more. Her husband could see that feeling in her. That started it all for them. Then next year she went back with her husband and started to work for them.

A family affair

Her husband really pushed her along. It’s become something that they do as a family. Her husband goes, their kids go. Their oldest daughter bakes, and gives a portion of the proceeds she raises to the organization.

Leap of Faith

I asked Kelly what steps she made to take the leap of faith and go all in. She said it was very scary and that she is still in the process of going all in. She started sharing on her blog and writing reports, felt like she it was something she needed to do more of. She decided to do more on the blog and go back to school to seminary. She was still working for family business, and going to school and writing on the blog and working for Dorie’s promise. It was a family decision but took her husband to say she should do it.

Sometimes we need that person to give us permission and push us along in our passion.

When it isn’t easy

Kelly and I talk about how following your calling isn’t always easy or happy. It isn’t always butterflies and roses.

learning to say no to things

When we embrace our dreams and say yes to pursue our passion we have to say no to some things. Kelly talks about how the biggest hurdle was to say no to things. Because she has these notions that if she just puts her head down, she can get them all done, but she not a very nice person when she does. And it is not good for her. She had to say no to friends and family in some instances. Little things, fun things, like saying no to feeling bad about not doing everything. She can’t carry all those things. She is doing a couple things and focusing on those particular things.

To be happy and healthy there are things we have to say no to.

How to purse passion with kids

It is tricky. A lot of the things that hold her back are time related. It’s hard to find time to do all the “Mom things” and the not feel guilty about doing “me things” too. It goes back to not feeling bad about disappointing people. Because disappointing our kids is the last thing we want to do. It takes sacrifice.

You know I’m a huge proponent of limiting activities for kids and Kelly has a similar rule. She wants her kids to see when God calls you to something you can do it, and it will be hard at times but it’s so worth.

What would you say to encourage women who are starting out on this journey

Kelly said, “It’s so personal it feels selfish. It feels frivolous. It might seem small. If you think it’s small remember you’re doing it because God has called you to it. He called a tax-collector, fishermen- they weren’t exactly high on the qualified list, but they got off the boat. It’s going to be scary and uncomfortable, I’m not comfortable saying the words yet- but this is my dream. But have the courage to do it. It becomes real and more than me and gave me the confidence to say it a little louder.”

Thanks Kelly for joining me. And for sharing your story.

You can find Kelly here:
instagram: kellybeckleyshank
facebook: kellybeckleyshank


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