I’ve been a regular reader at (in)courage for quite some time. So I am thrilled that today I have a piece featured there.

My husband and I have been married for thirteen years and together we have made a total of six moves. Change has become my middle name. New town, new house, new friends, new schools, new church; these things we have come to expect, and accept, every few years.

Our most recent move sent us to the state of New Mexico from Hawaii.

I loved everything about Hawaii: the beaches, the people, the food, the sunshine, and the salt water. I loved riding my bike with our daughters to school. I loved hearing the sound of waves drumming against the shore.

But it was more than the gorgeous surroundings. During our time there we built strong friendships. Ones that will last far beyond our time stationed together.

Our time in Hawaii was also a time of spiritual growth for me. No other place has seen so many tears, grief, grace, or peace.

I lost a baby there and almost lost my life. I found more of myself, and more of God on that island than I have anywhere else. It was one of my favorite places to live and I had no plans to leave…read more over at (in)courage.

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