Last week I attended a ministry conference, The Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA. While there, I was fortunate to attend a breakout session led by Jon Acuff.  This particular breakout was title, Done (and why perfection is so toxic).

Um, hello, I needed to hear this message. I took away one major point (though there were many): in order to accomplish a goal, we must choose what to bomb (his words). We must choose what not to be good at (my words).

I’ve been thinking, and thinking, about this. I struggle with perfectionism. I struggle with doing too much. I struggle with long to-do lists and not enough time. I struggle with what people think of me and if I’m doing a good enough job.

If there is one lesson I’ve been learning, it is that in order to create a life we love, we must be intentional. We must choose what we spend our time and money on. What we say yes to. And what we say no to. On the plane home I wrote a list. A list of things I am choosing NOT to be good at. A list, like Jon spoke about: what I am choosing to bomb, to not do, to not be good at. I am sharing it today in hopes that it inspires you to be intentional and choose some things to not be good at too.

  • Classroom volunteering. I’ve done it before and I love it. But after five years, I’m taking a break. I’m giving other parents a shot. I’m letting someone else step in. I’m choosing to not be good at this. To say no. So I can focus on writing, and ministering, and building relationships.
  • Deep-cleaning my house. I’ll keep the surfaces wiped down and piles swept up. Maybe I’ll hire a cleaner or maybe I’ll wait until the mildew in the shower gets really bad. But for right now, I’m not going to worry about this one. I am going to remember that hospitality is a condition of the heart instead of a condition of the home.
  • Current TV hits and hollywood happenings. I use to love to flip through US Weekly, and watch prime time television. But don’t ask me about the latest celebrity drama or Thursday night sitcom these days. I am choosing to not stay current on either of these things. Instead I’m choosing to go to bed early or read a book or journal. The Bachelor will continue on without me.
  • My inbox. Yes, 635 unread emails may bother some but I’m choosing NOT to be good at keeping my inbox at zero (seriously who does this?). I just don’t care. I’d rather spend that time with my girls, or husband, or reading the word. I’ll eventually get to it but not anytime soon.

Other random things I am choosing not to be good at.

  • My first graders homework, I’m not fighting about this. I understand the reasoning behind it and principles they are trying to teach and instill, but it is May and if my seven- year-old would rather ride her bike than sit and write spelling words in complete sentences, or color adjectives green and nouns red, then more power to her.
  • Screen time. Listen, I know what research says. But again, it’s May and for a few hours each weekend I need to grab a nap after church, or do some writing, or not have to answer any questions about why some trees have green leaves and others have red. So I’m going to not be good at this for the next month or so. I am going to let my girls plug in and watch or play and I’m going to be okay with that.
  • Losing weight. I am choosing not to be good at this right now. I am going to eat healthy, and continue to enjoy exercise that I love, like walking, and yoga, and lifting weights when I can but I am not going to obsess about the numbers on the scale, or inches, or even how my pants fit. I am just going to NOT be good at this right now.

So now I want to hear from you. What are you going to let go of and NOT be good at so you can finally accomplish some of those goals you set for yourself?