You guys, I wrote a book! A devotional actually, it is titled She Says, He Says, more about it a bit…first I wanted to share the story behind how it came to be.

The story

It started slowly at first, my desire to write, then it grew. I didn’t have much more of a dream than to reach people, right where they were, with my words. Looking back, it seems inevitable that this is who I was created to be. My love of words and people and Jesus. All tied together. I would write, edit and post but I also questioned and doubted. I was sure God was calling me to this very thing. I had prayed and consulted wise counsel, it felt affirmed.

But I still couldn’t shake that voice inside. If this was my calling, my sweet spot, my zone of genius, then why did I still feel so inadequate? Why did I constantly hear and think, “you’re not good enough”, “no one will read you”, “your words don’t matter”?

And it wasn’t just me. As I had conversations with my friends, family, even random people (like that lady in the line at the grocery store), almost all of them felt the same way in one form or the other. They knew they were called to be a mom but felt lacking. They knew they were called to be a teacher but felt useless in children’s lives. They knew they were created in God’s image but hated theirs. For some that voice came regularly, for others sporadically, but the one thing we all had in common was, this voice was making us ineffective at what God called us to do.

Soon I realized that the voice I was hearing, which certainly wasn’t God’s, were lies I was speaking to and believing about myself. And as I searched His word I began to fight back, uprooting those lies one by one as they came at me. As I sat down to write I would say, 1 Peter 2:9. When I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror I quoted 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. You guys, things began to change. Not all at once but little by little. My confidence grew stronger. I was bolder, in my writing and in my effectiveness for Christ. I was a better wife and mom. And I got better at recognizing the voice too, my inner critic, and stopping her in her tracks.

The book

This devotional is a direct result of my experience. I wrote it for you, for me, for any woman who has ever listened to that inner critic and believed the lies placed deep within her soul. It  challenges the lies we say to and believe about ourselves with His truths, and is broken up into three parts:

  1. She Says- the lies we say to ourselves
  2. He Says- His truths, what God’s word says about us
  3. Challenge- a section which lays out practical ways to embrace the truth and leave behind the lies

I can’t wait for you to read it, I have no doubt God will use it to bring about big changes in your life.

You can purchase She Says, He Says: Challenging the lies we say to ourselves with His truth by clicking the link below or on Amazon.