I’m walking through 40 days of meeting God first thing in the morning for 40 minutes. I’m calling it 40 for 40: forty minutes for 40 days. Today is day 29, and my fifth post this series. The others are:

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During my 40 minutes I use the acronym SLOW to help guide my time. I break it down into four different words: Still, Listen, Obey and Wait/Watch.

Wait and watch is a two-fold process beginning in prayer time and extending into daily life.


I use this section of time to prepare myself to move out of my current time of prayer and into the day. I usually wait for a few minutes before I close with prayer. I wait to see if the Holy Spirit has anything else to put on my heart. I haven’t always done this in my prayer life. This pause allows me to take myself out of the equation, get out of the way and allows God to move. It also prevents me from rushing out of my quiet time and into the busyness of the day. When I stop and wait I am always met with this amazing sense of peace.

Waiting allows for a pause to usher in peace.


The process doesn’t stop there it continues into my day as I watch for signs of his love, prompting, and presence. Just in these past 29 days I have seen him work in so many ways. Some big and some small. It has been amazing. I can get so busy going about my day that I neglect to look for and seek God throughout my day. This process has changed that. As I watch for evidence of him throughout my day I am reminded of how many opportunities I have lost to see him at work. If you have ever read Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts, it is similar to that, when we are actively looking we can see him more vividly.

Watching is an ongoing process.

I don’t simply shut my bible and get on with the day. I ask God to open my eyes to how he is working in the world. My day seems less fragmented now. Instead of quiet time and the rest of my day, my quiet time flows into my day.

try it Out

This week I challenge you to try the process of waiting and watching in your own quiet time with a pause, wait to see if there is anything else. Don’t quickly shut your bible and leave. Wait for a few minutes or few seconds, then when you feel ready,  close with a prayer of thanksgiving for what he revealed to you, answered prayers etc, then move on from your time of worship and prayer into your day by asking His spirit to continue reveal himself as you actively watch, looking for opportunities to serve him, and others.