The end of the school year hit and I had no plans of slowing down my writing routine. But as it happens, God had other plans.

I won’t get into all the details of the whys, and whats, and how-comes. But I will say that though I didn’t want to stop creating content for the blog and sharing with you, my readers, I needed the unexpected break. To recharge, to put priority on other things.

In my series, Create a Life You Love, I talk a lot about creating priorities that work for you. Changing, rearranging, realigning. And without realizing it, that is what I did.

Here I sit, almost a month later since my fingers last pecked away, flinging words on the screen, letter after letter. And it feels good. It feels great.

So what does it have to do with you? Well, a lot actually. Have you ever beat yourself up for not accomplishing a task you felt you should-have or needed to-do?

Have you ever, no matter how hard you tried, failed at reaching a goal. Maybe it was to get up earlier or start working out again. Maybe it was catch up on all the laundry or finally start reading all those books you purchased on Amazon Prime.

Maybe you need an unexpected break, too.

Maybe you need to sleep in.

Maybe you need to spend Saturday at the park with your kids rather than doing twelve loads of back-to-back laundry.

Maybe you need that nap, or that run, or that night out with girlfriends.

Maybe for this season you need to say yes, or maybe you need to say no.

Maybe you need to say nothing at all.

You see, the more I walk with Jesus, the more I see what grace looks like. What forgiveness looks like, for others, and for myself.

I could have laid awake at night berating myself for missing yet another word count, for leaving this page blank. For letting my laptop accumulate dust. For silencing my words.

But I didn’t. I said no, not right now.

I jotted thoughts in my journal and let that be enough.

I put time into other things and let that be enough.

I embraced the break and let that be enough.

I let myself, in that place, at that time be enough.

And I would encourage you to do the same too.

What do you need a break from? Performing, achieving, pushing, striving? Maybe you need a break from expectations? From disappointment? Maybe today you need a break from not being enough or from fear of being too much.Maybe what you need the most is to give yourself a little grace, a whole lot of forgiveness and take an unexpected break.