Happy Friday!

Fridays for me have meant different things at different times during my life.

Growing up it meant Football Games in the fall. I spent my nights under the bright lights cheering on our team, hanging out with friends, and selling hot dogs and chorizos at the concession stand for various clubs.

Later it meant a break from studying and work. My college girlfriends and I would hit the local coffee shop, go out to eat or stay up late watching movies.

Once I was married with kids it meant a break from the daily grind. A time to relax, catch-up, and enjoy one another’s company.

One of my favorite Friday memories was while we were stationed in San Diego with our dear friends. Fridays became pizza night. We took turns hosting and buying pizza. Sometimes our husbands were there, sometimes they weren’t. But pizza night always stood no matter who was home and who was out to sea. Our girls played then kicked and screamed when we gave 5-minute-count-downs. Five minutes always turned into ten our kids happy for minutes more.

When we were living in Hawaii, the island and people on it, embrace what is called Aloha Friday. It basically means ducking out of work early, hitting the beach, having a cocktail, loving life. Who can blame them when you live in perpetual paradise? It is really just another way of saying, TGIF. And we embraced it too, meeting up with friends at the beach before returning home sunburnt and sandy to welcome the weekend.

I love Fridays so much I want to make memories with you too. So on Fridays, I’ll meet you here and share with you my favorite things from the week before.

This Weeks Faves

It never fails. Once Halloween hits I can’t stop my brain from thinking ahead to the Holiday Season. This year has me thinking differently. This season I intend to be more intentional about making what matters most a priority. I loved this podcast“Creating Intentional White-Space in a Black-Out Season” by fellow Hope*Writer Cheri. Take a few minutes to listen you’ll be so glad you did.

One thing I’ve come to value is resources that can help me become a better me. Whether it’s a book, ebook or e-course, for personal development or professional. I am loving Ultimate Bundle’s The Genius Blogger’s Tool Kit. It’s jam packed with 62 ebooks, ecourses and printable plus 17 digital bonuses. It is worth every penny. (I love it so much I wrote a post about it.) If you’ve been thinking about blogging or have a blog and want to rekindle your passion check it out here.

I made pumpkin donuts last week and took them to two different gatherings. They were SO good. So good in fact, I didn’t get to take any pictures of them. Make them and you will not regret it! I wish I had some leftover the next morning because I’m pretty sure they’d go great with coffee. Just saying.

Last but not least, I heart Pentonix! Have you heard this yet?

Ah-mazing, right?! I love them.

Those are my faves for this week. I’d love to hear what yours are. Comment below or shoot me an email alana(at)alanadawson.com.