A year and half ago I attended a writer’s workshop that changed my life. It wasn’t necessarily the speakers or the community of women I met, though both have had a significant impact on my writing and life. No, it was the first thirty minutes of the workshop that changed everything for me.

In those first few minutes, after being greeted and welcomed, we were all told to close our eyes and dream. Say what? Yes, dream. Then, because it was a writing workshop and most of us were writers, we were told to write down what our dream for our future, specifically 5-7 years from then, would look like. Where would we be living? What would we be doing? What would we accomplished with our writing?

When I was little, I can remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. There were a great many things I dreamed about becoming among them: a Rockette, an Author, and a owner of a coffee shop. But somewhere between college, when I had to grow up and pick a major, and having babies people stopped asking.

And I stopped dreaming.

Perhaps they stopped asking because they assumed I’d found what I wanted to be. Or perhaps I stopped dreaming because once responsibilities set in I no longer felt that I should, or rather could, dream. There was real life to tend to; responsibilities to fulfill, bills to pay, hungry babies to feed, dirty laundry to wash.

Sitting there in that auditorium, lights dimmed, pen scribbling away, I learned how to dream again. And in those few short minutes dreaming big changed my life. It taught me to:

  • see possibility where otherwise I simply saw duty
  • never underestimate myself or God’s calling on my life
  • allowed me regain a child-like outlook on the world. Not naive or gullible. But wide-eyed wonderment for what could be

So as I enter this new year, I wonder if perhaps you may need to do some dreaming too? Where do you need to see possibility? How have you been underestimating yourself? What would you like to look at with wide-eyed wonderment?

Let today be the day that dreaming big changes your life. Take a few minutes whether in the carpool lane or hiding in the bathroom (no shame) and dream big!

A few tips for dreaming big: don’t put boundaries on your dreams. Ask yourself if anything is possible what would that look like?Give yourself permission to think outside of the realm of duty and obligation. Not what do I have to, but what do I want to. Once you’ve dreamed big, write it down. Leave record of it for you to look back on.

Wondering what to do with those big dreams? How to see them come to fruition? Well your in luck! Next week I am kicking off the new year with my newly updated series Creating a Life You Love. I had such wonderful feedback from it last year that I wanted to share it with you again this year.

This series isn’t just some will- nilly idea I had. It is the direction action steps I took after my Pulmonary Embolism to build the life I always dreamed of, the one I wanted but was too busy being rushed, run-down, and ragged to know how to create.

Over the next four weeks I will walk you through the four steps: Prioritize, Plan, Practice and Protect, that will help you create the life you’ve always dreamed about.

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