Welcome back! If you’re just joining us, this is Step Two in the series 4 Easy Steps to Create a Life You Love. You can find Step One here.

For those of you who finished last week’s exercise, Prioritize, how did it go? Did you find the Dream Big exercise helpful? Did you have a tough time listing out your top five priorities? I found the exercise to be quite freeing. As adults, we rarely get the opportunity to do just that: dream.

Today we are moving on to Step Two: Plan.

Now that you have your five priorities we are going to intentionally arrange our current life in order to reflect these priorities.You can think of your five priorities as a foundation. Now that we have that foundation we are going to build our life around them.

Last week, I had you write down how you were succeeding and/or failing at making your five priorities, a priority in your everyday life. Using that list, we are going to create our plan.

You are most likely going to have to say no to some things in order to create this plan. You are going to have to scale back and quit doing something(s). This can be hard. Especially, if you, like me, are a serial helper and worry about disappointing others.Or it may finally give you permission to stop doing something you don’t want to do. Hire help. Ask for help. That is okay, in fact, that is what we want.

We can’t do it all and do it all well. Remember, our goal is to create a life we love. We don’t want to settle for all of it done mediocre. We want to strive for the things that matter most to us and do them really well.

For this week’s exercise, you will want to pull out your agenda or calendar. Really look at it. Ask yourself, what can stay? What can go? Activities, commitments, hobbies, perhaps some relationships. You are most likely going to have to say no to good things in order to make room for your five priorities but saying no allows you to say yes to the best things!

An example from my own life: one of my top five priorities is writing. I wanted to pursue writing and in order to make it a top priority I had to make time for it, I had to say no to a good thing in order to say yes to great. I said no to regular volunteering at my daughters’ school. In the past, it was something I liked and did often. However, in order to give my writing the consistent time it needed, I quit. I no long help on a regular basis. And guess what? No one died. The school didn’t fall apart and my kids are fine.

This week’s worksheets will walk you through three phases to help you create your plan. You will examine your current schedule, evaluate how it needs to change and then begin to eliminate or add as you see fit. This process will be a give and take. Don’t get discouraged.

We will also break your plan into two distinct plans: a short-term plan and a long-term plan. Your short-term plan will consist of the things you can take immediate action on, like my example of how I stopped volunteering. Your long-term plan will consist of actions you will need to take over a period of time. This is helpful for longer priorities such as going back to school or changing careers. Those things cannot happen overnight, or in a week, or a month.

You can do this. If you get frustrated, remember why we are going through this process, in order to create a life we love. You can do hard things. Keep going.

Next week in Step 3, we are going to implement our plan. Step 3 is where you start seeing results from all your hard work.

As always, if you have any questions or feel stuck please don’t hesitate to email me. I would love to hear from you. Alana@Alanadawson.com

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