Hi. I’m Alana.


I tell everyone I meet for the first time it’s pronounced like Atlanta, only without the ‘ts’. It is fantastic to meet you.


I’m a wife, military spouse, and mom.


But I’m also so much more; I’m a writer, blogger, coffee enthusiast, Jesus-freak (any DC Talk fans out there?), lover of dance parties, and podcast obsessed, among many other things.


I’m so glad you’re here but I won’t lie to you, I don’t want to meet with you over coffee around my kitchen table -even though I do love coffee. I’d much rather meet you at the local Mexican joint for happy hour, over margaritas, and chips and queso.


I also don’t want to make small talk. I want to cut straight to it and find out what it is that lights you up inside. What your greatest dreams and desires are. What you daydream about while washing dishes and waiting in the carpool line. That my friends, requires a bit more than strong coffee, it takes a strong shot of tequila, can I get an Amen? (Plus, my kitchen table still has breakfast dishes on it.)


You see I was a lot like you; a rushed, run-down, and ragged mom until I got a small glimpse of what life could be like when my youngest finally began preschool. For a few short, but glorious hours twice a week I got to pursue more than just being a mom. I got to pursue my passion.


Well as it so often goes, life happens, as did an unexpected move, and my husband’s return home after eight and a half long months. My dreams once again got side tracked until I suffered a miscarriage and a pulmonary embolism within six months of each other. That’s when I realized none of us has a guarantee of how long we get on this earth. None of us have the guarantee of someday, tomorrow, when the kids get older, when we have more money, more time, or are better equipped. We are only guaranteed the here and now. So I made a vow I would do everything I could to stop waiting and begin doing. And that has turned into a mission to help other moms do the same thing. To realize their passions and to start pursing them. Right now, here, today. In the midst of messy life.


You were created uniquely with gifts no one else on this planet has. You were created to be more than just a mom. Or a wife. Or whatever else you’ve begun to believe about yourself. You are so much more. Those dreams deep in your heart, are there for a reason. I want to help you figure out why and start pursuing them.


Here in this space you’ll find more than just the typical mommy blog. If you’re looking for quick recipes or adorable DIY’s, this is not the place. No, here you’ll find a space to awaken the creativity set inside you, which makes you uniquely and wonderfully you. You’ll find practical tips, encouragement, inspiration, and permission to pursue your passions. To help you find yourself again. Here are a few places to start:


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