Hi. I’m Alana.

I always tell people I meet for the first time that my name is pronounced like Atlanta only without the ts (that is how it’s spelled too).

I’m glad you’re here. I really am. I know we will be fast friends!

A little bit about me. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, we have two really cool daughters, ages 9 and 6, and a French bulldog who causes nothing but trouble, his name is Kyle. Yep, a human name for a dog.

Together we move around the U.S. to wherever the Navy sends us. So far we have lived in Idaho, Washington, California, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Hawaii. We currently live in New Mexico.


I started blogging in 2013 in order to encourage other military spouses, like myself, who were enduring deployments and separation. I love writing and encouraging others so it was a perfect fit.

Just days after Christmas 2015, I suffered a Pulmonary Embolism and found myself lying in a hospital bed in a critical care unit. That experience forever changed me.

Prior to my PE, I was like many women today: rushed, ragged, and run-down. Something was missing. I longed for a softer, slower, more meaningful life. A life that prioritized faith, family, and friends. But creating that life was easier said than done. I continued at a frantic pace until my PE.

Perhaps you can relate.

Coming so close to losing my life, truly made me realize what (or rather who) I had been taking for granted. In the days that followed, I made a promise to God- that I would not waste this gift from him. I take to heart Ephesians 5:2 and I am on a mission to live each day by it, "live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ."

That is exactly what you will find here. A place that prioritizes faith, family, and friends by:

  • emphasizing a slower pace of life
  • making room for more by doing less
  • exploring what it means to love like Christ in the everyday
  • creating a life filled with love

Are you tired of feeling frantic, frenzied and frayed? Do you want to stop feeling like something is missing? Are you tired of being too afraid to change because you don't know where to start?

You don't have to live like that any longer. You can create the life you've always dreamed of. Don't wait any longer. Join me.