Have you ever found yourself looking at your phone, your neighbor, or your best friend and thinking one of these things:

  • Everyone has more than us; more stuff, more love, more money, more time.
  • When will it be our turn God? Why must we keep waiting?
  • I guess I’m not doing something right.
  • Why are you blessing them and not us?
  • I need to be a better mom and wife (while looking at someone else’s profile).
  • I’m sick of working so hard and not being rewarded.
  • Why don’t we have a marriage like that?
  • Why don’t we go on vacations like that?
  • Why don’t our kids behave like that?

I sure have. It’s not a pleasant thing to admit. At times I have been the Queen of discontent and I wore my crown proudly. A few months ago, I got fed up with my discontented heart and decided to do something about it. With Thanksgiving and the month of gratitude upon our heels I thought maybe there are others struggling too. If so, here are the five ways I ditched my discontented mindset and you can too!

1. Perform a Social media clean out: unfollow, hide, unfriend, then limit time spent on all platforms (I try to stick to 15 minutes in the morning after my kiddos get on the bus and 15 minutes in the evening). If you’re not seeing so much of “everyone else” you’ll be less likely to compare.

2. Spend more time with real people: build relationships, connect in your community, surround yourself with positive influences, we are most like the 5 people we hang out with. (Who do you spend the most time with?)

3.Be grateful, count joy. Keep a list of 5-10 things a day, that you are grateful for. If you are actively look for things to be grateful for you won’t have time to see the things you wished you had.

4. Focus on things you can change. Life isn’t fair. Instead of focusing on the things we have no control over, focus on the things we can control. Here are a few of the things you can control: your outlook, your attitude, how you spend your time, where you put your energy, what you eat, how you treat others.

5. Give: not just with your money but with your time. Volunteer, helping others gives us a greater perspective and helps us to see beyond ourselves and our own circumstances.

As we make our way into November, the month of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I wonder what you’re the queen of? If you find yourself comparing and envious of others, I would encourage you use these 5 easy ways to ditch the discontent.