Today I’m chatting with, Kelly Beckley Shank. She encourages women to cultivate their passions in the midst of motherhood. Her journey from “dream job” to writer includes some very unlikely stops in Guatemala and grad school that have completely changed her family. Her blog inspires unapologetic motherhood where women are not ashamed to talk about their dreams beyond motherhood while also offering helpful tips to lessen the chaos in our homes.

How it all started

Kelly wanted to do something big with her life.

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Welcome to Episode 003 of Mom Wants More!

You know it well, that feeling of wanting a little more, perhaps it started for you when you were smack dab in the middle of raising babies, you found yourself daydreaming while changing diapers. Or maybe, for you, it was like me, when your kids went to school and you found yourself with a bit of free time. Or was it later in life, when your nest was empty and you had nothing but time to dream?

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You guys are going to love this interview with Belinda from Happy Camper Cocktail Company out of Seattle, WA. I started following Belinda on “the Gram” and I love, love, love her adore mobile bar, ya’ll it’s an RV (said with cousin Eddie inflection).It’s so stinking cute.

We hit so many topics in our conversation and I will warn you right now that this is a podcast for moms, you’re going to hear her sweet little guys in the background from time to time and that is A-okay by me and purposefully not edited out because as women,

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Hey guys! Welcome to Episode 001 of Mom Wants More. If you haven’t already listened to the short Introduction Episode it’s a great place to start. It explains why I started Mom Wants More, the vision behind it, and what you can expect to hear.

why you need to purse Your Passion

I think many of us today, women, especially moms, feel like dreams or passions are silly and selfish. That’s why today I’m talking all about why you NEED- not why you should or should want to,

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We made it! Here we are at the end of the month and the end of our series, 4 Easy Steps to Create a Life You Love.

We have prioritized, created a plan, and put that plan into practice. Today we move on to our fourth and final step, Protect.

I wish I could tell you it is all downhill from here. I have found out first hand, that this is when the real work begins.

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Hi there! I am so glad you are joining me. Welcome to Mom Wants More! This is the Introduction Episode. I wanted to take a few minutes and explain why I started Mom Wants More, the vision behind it, and what you can expect to hear.

Mom wants more was created for women just like you and me. Women who have a dream in their heart and a passion they want to pursue.

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Today is the first day in the new series, 4 Easy Steps to Create a Life You Love. We will be tackling Step One: Prioritize.  I am so glad you are here.

This series is for anyone who:

  • is unhappy with their current life but is unsure how to change
  • wants more, and wants less, but doesn’t know how to reach a balance
  • is tired of living run-down,

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A year and half ago I attended a writer’s workshop that changed my life. It wasn’t necessarily the speakers or the community of women I met, though both have had a significant impact on my writing and life. No, it was the first thirty minutes of the workshop that changed everything for me.

In those first few minutes, after being greeted and welcomed, we were all told to close our eyes and dream.

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